See screen shots of Type2TV in action.

See screenshots below of how you can take advantage of the app. Explore the possibilities and show the world your TYPE2 side.

The time for tomorrow’s TV is happening now with Type2TV – The Envisioned Television.

Screen Shot 1Multiple sign up/sign in methods

Easily merge profiles and contacts from other social accounts.

Screen Shot 2Profile Page

Simply tell your story – upload your photo, create your display name and add Profile Hashtags (#s) to tell what you are about. Profile Hashtags (#s) also serves as links to other users with the same hashtags (#s).

Get TV code – this code allows you to log into your TV app.

Screen Shot 3MY CHATS

Access all Chats you have joined under the MY CHATS tab.

Screen Shot 5Instant Messaging

Say how you feel about a TV show, gameplay or any topic. Group Chats can be created and named by you – for any cause.

Instant messaging to TV

Log into the TV app for the bigger picture. Messages sent from your mobile or even by the TV’s remote, are instantly displayed on the TV for all to see.


Screen Shot 4Invitations

See invitations from friends under the INVITATIONS Tab. Join the excitement to chat about your favorite shows.

Screen Shot 8Tell Friends about the experience

Share the app with friends via other apps. At the click of a button, you can easily tell other friends what they are missing – Type2TV.