Installing type2tv+ to your Android TV is easy!

Download type2tv+

type2tv+ for Android TV is available from Google Play Store, but not yet available in the Android TV Store.  *Download type2tv+ to your Android TV only from the web version of Google Play.


  • From any Google Search bar (either on mobile, or computer) search: PLAY STORE

  • From the Play Stote, search: Type2TV
  • Select: type2tv+ Android TV Chat.
  • PRESS INSTALL (If you are on a mobile device, this may take you to the mobile Play Store, simply press back to the Web Version).
  • CHOOSE  A DEVICE (select your desired Android TV)
  • PRESS INSTALL again.

*And SOON it will be installed on your Android TV!


Make sure your Google Play account is the same Google account that your Android TV was setup with. If you’re signed in with a different account than the account used to setup your Android TV, simply sign out of Google Play and sign in with the Google account used on your Android TV.

Once the app is installed, add it to My Apps in the Discover Bar to chat on screen while watching Live TV.